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Eberlestock X1E Euro Back pack

Today I am going to do a write up on the newer X1E for Eberlestock.  The X1E is based off of the X1 platform.  Basically what it came down to was a lot of people requesting the X1 without the bow bucket/pouch.  Eberlestock answered and came up with the X1E.  It has the same overall layout of the X1.

Starting with the suspension it’s like most other Eberlestock packs in that it’s fully adjustable.  The torso has almost 4 inches of adjustment and the waist belt is removable if you need to purchase a small or XL belt.  Also different shooters harness’ are available in small and Xl sizes as well.  This will allow the X1 (e) to accommodate from children all the way up.

The rifle scabbard is located right against your pack on the left hand side of the pack if you are wearing it and on the other side of the pack is two pockets, one for a hydration bladder and one miscellaneous.   The bottom of the scabbard folds out for use and back in when not needed.   The main body of the pack is about 2900ci and is one compartment but does have a divider on the inside that will separate them in two, an upper and lower.   On the outside of the pack on both sides there are mesh pockets ideal for holding water bottles or misc. gear that you might need quick access to.  I usually stuff my headlamp in there for quick access while hiking on the trail.

Where the X1E differs from the X1 is the front of the pack.  On the X1E there are two larger pockets, one on top and the other bottom.  Both unzip and expose internal organizer pockets ideal for holding small items like calls, tags, knives, etc.   There is also another pocket on the outside of the lower one that has a waterproof zipper.

The X1E comes in Mossy Oak duck blind, Eberlestock’s Dry earth and ranger green.