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New from First Lite Wool in 2012

Update: The 2012 First Lite Wool is now in stock at SandSarchery.com.  Supply is very limited on this first run so I would highly suggest ordering quickly if you want to get in.  The next shipment won’t be in until June.


First Lite Wool has added some great new items to their lineup for 2012 and they have also completely revamped all of the older items like the Kanab pants which feature an improved cut to allow for more flexiblity and movement.  They have a new cut which they call the “Shooters cut” on all the shirts that promotes movement through the entire range of body motion; from crawling up rocks to drawing your bow the clothes are designed to work with you and not against.  They have also added a lot of branding images which add a nice touch to the lineup from “First Lite” being embroidered on the back of the neck to along the leg of the pants.  From top to bottom the entire line up has changed for 2012 and I am really looking forward to putting it to the test.


Some of the new items that caught my eye are the Chama Hoody.  Taken from the

extremely popular Chama they have added the hood portion as well as added a zippered pocket on the left sleeve for quick access to calls and mics gear.  This is going to make a great base layer as well as outer layer on those cold September mornings.






First Lite has taken the very popular Llano base layer shirt and added three different versions of it for 2012.  This year you will have the Llano SS (short sleeve), Standard Llano and the Llano QZ (quarter zip) which adds raised collar and quarter zip for extra ventilation on those hot days.

First Lite Llano SS

First Lite Llano QZ













In addition First Lite has also added some new accessories for 2012 including a neck gaiter and a new beanie.

New First Lite Beanie

ASAT Camo Hunting Clothing

I am not one to promote or push any one product and say that it’s substantially better than another and that it will change the outcome of your hunt for the better.  I always try to give an unbiased opinion and just state the facts (pros and cons) and let the customer decide.

But this year was the first year that I have worn ASAT Camouflage from head to toe and I have to say that I was really surprised at the results.  To give you a little background I have been arguing with my friends on how unimportant camouflage is the last few years, plenty of animals have been killed by guys wearing blue jeans and a flannel shirt to prove that it isn’t necessary.  I think there are a lot of other factors that will determine the outcome of your hunt that are way more important then the color of your pants or backpack, wind being number one on that list.  I still have that same opinion but what I failed to understand is there are scenarios in hunting when good camouflage can be absolutely essential.  At Pure Elevation Productions this year we really dedicated ourselves to killing some high country Mulies and up at 10,ooo ft it can be pretty wide open with little vegetation.  I feel this is where having good camo really shows itself.

During the course of the season there were multiple times when I got caught out in the open moving from cover to cover.  What I found was that if a deer caught my movement they would still look my way but after a few seconds they would go back to feeding or whatever they were doing and forget about me.  In the past I would have got into a 2 minute stare down followed by the deer looking back my way every 10 seconds until they finally got too nervous and blew out of the country.  This year they just went back to feeding and I was able to continue on with the hunt.  After this had happened a couple times I started to think maybe I wasn’t lucky and that the ASAT camo was actually doing it’s job.  After talking with the other guys at Pure Elevation that were experiencing the same thing it was confirmed.  Time and time again over the course of the season we got into scenarios where the deer saw us before we saw them and time and time again we had the same results, it was really quite impressive.

ASAT Camo working in the field

Unfortunately Hunting has become more of a fashion show for some guys then being practical and that’s where the camo market went wrong.  What pattern looks good at arms length in the store doesn’t translate into a pattern being good in the field in hunting situations.  I have to give kudos to ASAT for creating a pattern that while admittedly  isn’t going to win a fashion show actually works in the field.  I feel very confident in saying that if you try some you will notice a difference in how animals react to you next season.