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Today instead of doing my own review I thought it would be fun to do some searching around on the internet and find different reviews from other sources than me.   I’ll simply list the bino’s features and specs and leave the rest to extremely happy customers.

New Zen-Ray ZEN ED2 models are packed with features.

  • Extra Low Dispersion (ED) glass
  • VividBriteTM Ultra High Reflectivity (UHR) Dielectic Prism Coating
  • SpeedDialTM focus wheel offers 30% faster focus rate
  • CrystalViewTM water/oil repellent coating
  • Phase-correction with BAK-4 roof prisms
  • Magnesium Alloy body for long lasting durability and light weight
  • Open Frame Design to minimize the weight
  • Heavy-duty, 100% waterproof/fogproof construction: Argon charged
  • Metal alloy  3-stage PCDTM Twist-up eyecups optimized for taking full advantage of the optical eye relief.
  • Locking Diopter adjustment  to fine tuning focus
  • Extra large center focus knob for smooth and precise focus
  • Ergonomic shape for stress free use
  • Rubber armor absorbs shock
  • Tethered flipdown objective lens protection covers
  • Premium Cushioned Neckstrap with quick connect
  • Hard carrying case
  • Fully multi-coated optics allows 99.5% light transmission at each glass/air interface
  • Lifetime Warranty

From Gcole on Birdforum.net

7×36 ED2 – WOW !!!!!

Hi folks…I finally got to take my new 7×36′s out for a spin. While Iam no expert,thou I own more binoculars than most camera stores have in stock, I believe these are the best 7x glass you can buy under $ 800 -1000 price range. Yes I know this is only my take on these, and I will leave you experts to voice your views on this fine state of the art binocular. For those sitting on the fence, undecided whether to go to ZENS, take the jump you wont regret it. As far as the dreaded Flare or ghosting *** ITS A NON-ISSUE *** I had a hard time trying to reproduce even a slight glimse of any ghosting which if it were not mentioned by the negative remarks in this forum( some probably from the ALPHA owners ) I would never have noticed it at all. These are Sharp, Crisp & Super bright. They look & feel just as well made as any Zeiss or Leica I have owned. This last comment is for all those other over priced companys I know are reading this forum; You better come to grips with your insane prices because the New ZEN RAYS are going to take a big bite out of your sales…….A very pleased Zen Ray Customer.


From Heavishot on Archerytalk.com


Today I received the Zen ED2 7×36 I ordered from S&S. Great guys… Buy your Zens from them- best deal anywhere.

These are phenominal binoculars! Even at 11:00 AM they are noticeably brighter than my Nikon Monarch 8×40′s. They have a very clear, crisp image. As the review above said, well made and nice looking. The only knock on them so far is that the lens covers slip off too easily. I doubt I’d really use them anyway.

If you’re in the market for new binocs, get the Zen Ray ED2′s. They will impress.


From Utsupershooter on Archerytalk.com
ZEN-RAY ED2 review

Ok so I got a new pair of these zen rays on saturday afternoon after they were overnighted by s&s archery out of Idaho. Let me say first that if you are looking to get a pair of these binos please do so through S&S they are outstanding to work with and very prompt with their ordering.

After getting back from a long day at a funeral I was ready to get out in the woods and do some glassing. I took the binos out of the packaging and wow was I impressed by the overall look and feel of them. The build of these is equal to or surpassing that of the big three (let’s be honest you know who I’m refering to here). The color scheme is very nice and there is no play in the eye cups or adjustment knob.

I took my other set of binos up with me so I could do a little comparison check between the two. Now keep in mind I do have one of the top european manufacturers products and have loved them to death I just like to try new stuff and I had heard of these for quite some time and my curiosity just got the better of me and I had to order a pair to see what all of the hype was about. I am a firm believer that there are a lot of binocs that you would never be able to tell a difference in quality during daytime viewing hours. The view is almost identical weather you spend 500 or you spend 2000 the difference comes in when you get in to low light situations. This is where these binocs shine. I could acutally get a better view out of the zen-rays then I did out of my other binos. This is no joke. I hate the saying that a product is “great for the money” I want to know how they compare straight up having set price aside.

In all these binos are amazing I would gladly spend in to the thousands for something of this quality. So my overall recommendation….Get past the fact that your buddy spent more on his and that these are manufactured in China (it doesn’t matter!!!) Get a pair and you will not regret it!

p.s. in no way am I sponsored or affiliated with ZEN-RAY. I just tell it like it is


From PT1911 on Archerytalk.com
Wow! I can’t believe nobody has posted about these binos yet??

Well, I started out looking for a nice set of binos for anything under $800, after reading quite a few threads on various web sites I thought I had it narrowed down to either a pair of Zeiss, Meopta, Nikons, or some Vortex. I then came across a post on a bird watching forum about some binos called Zen-Ray, my first thought was “never heard of them, they must be junk”, but then after reading the persons (who was obviously vary experienced in optics) review I got more and more intrigued. He went on to say how the Zen-Ray ZRS binos he had defintly could hang with ANYTHING in the $600 range and the Zen-Ray ED is right there with the $1,000+ stuff.

Ok now the good part, I went to check the web site and the ZRS 8X42 with the online discount came to about $180…….after seeing that I thought to myself “there is NO WAY these can be that good, especially for that price”, well the curiousity got the best of me and I ordered a pair, got them yesterday and all I can say is THEY ARE THE REAL DEAL!!! Price aside, they are just excellent, well constructed, super clear, and ergonomically feel great. I was assuming I would get them and they would be Ok but let me tell you, they will definitly hang OR BEAT anything else out there for $600 or less! If you want a EXCELLENT optical quality binocular and don’t mind not spending a LOT less than a grand, I suggest you check these out!

From VChris on Archerytalk.com
Zen Ray, ZEN ED 8 X 43 Binocular Reviews

First, I want to apologize for taking so long to write this review. Life has a way of getting in the way of pleasure. I
have had to much life getting in my way lately and have not had the free time in need to spend the time I needed to
give these binos a good field test. I finally had the chance to take out several binos to really do some comparisons
And speaking of pleasure the Zen Ray ZEN ED binos are a real pleasure to use and look through. I want to address a
few of the non optical issues first.

To start with I’ve had several people ask about where the Zen Ray binos are made. They are made in China. I personally
have no problem with that but I’ll leave that up to the individual.

The hard case is excellent. The strap is way too long but I don’t care because I never planned on using it. Most of you wont care either.
You will need to cut it (unless you are 7’5″) if you plan on using it and not a harness. I does have a very good, wide, padded area
for the neck. My advice for ANY bino….get a harness. The eyepiece covers and objective covers are good. I’ve seen better and worse.
And now…………….. for the good stuff.

These are a very attractive and ergonomically well designed. The fit and feel of the ZEN ED really stands out. The overall length
of the ZEN ED is 7′ with eyecups extended. Some will find that a bit on the bulky side but over all it took very little to get
used to the slightly longer barrel size. The rubber armor is as good as I’ve seen. The hinge is just stiff enough so that I don’t constantly
have to readjust for my interpupillary distance like so many of the competition. The same goes with the eyepiece. Zen Rays specs
list the close focus distance at 6 ft. Maybe its just my eyes but I was able to focus as close as 4’8″. The coatings appear to be flawless.
The exit pupils at arms length are perfectly round with no flat edges or shadowy light or dark areas in the 5.4 mm dot of light. This is an
excellent indication of well matched optics.The one thing I found disappointing was the diopter indicator mark on the right eyepiece.
It is so small its really difficult to see.

There are several features that really stand out with the ZEN ED’s. The wide and almost absolutely flat field of view (FOV) are outstanding.
Zen Rays specs list the FOV at an amazing 426 ft /1000yds. The image is bright, very sharp, and I saw no indication of chromatic aberration.
I did a comparison of the edge to edge sharpness with two of the “big three”. The ZEN ED compared very well to both. They definitely outperform
everything I looked at in the $300- $800 range. The optical clarity gives you that feeling that you are where the subject is. That no doubt, is
due to the flatness of the field. The color rendition, depth of field, and resolution are excellent. Optically the ZEN ED is second to none.

I also want to speak to the VALUE of these optics. I have no hesitation in saying that the Zen Ray ZEN ED are the best value in
binoculars on the market today. I did do quite a bit of price comparisons and have evaluated lots of binos that are similar in quality.
Quality wise the ZEN ED’s stand out from the competition and come very close to the quality you will find from the “big three”.
That’s where the value comes in. For $359 these are tough to beat and they out perform many that are hundreds of $$$ more.
You will notice that I refuse to mention the competing optics that I did price, quality, and performance comparisons with.
I prefer not to beat up the other Mfgs but would like to speak to the quality of the ZEN RAY brand.

The optical quality that most of the major optic companies deliver these day is astonishing.
That the ZEN ED stands out from many of these speaks to the manufacturing and optical quality that these possess. I have
already seen that a couple of the competing brands have lowered their price and trumpeted their warranty in responds to
the ZEN RAY brand. This is a good thing, but personally I will choose the better optical quality over warranty every time. Can you buy
a bino that performs optically better? Yes,…………. but you WILL pay at least a $1000 more and the difference is so minimal
I doubt most will be able to detect it. If you are planning on purchasing a pair of binos in the near future and don’t plan on spending
$1200 + ………………..get the Zen Rays. I highly recommend them. They are……. “that” good.

Welcome to the binocular wars……………………………..